Like Broken Glass She Flies

She holds a star map in her eyes

She holds the universe in her mouth

On her fingertips

She holds the melody of life

In her heart she is dead

In her soul she is empty

In her mind she is useless

In her mind she is worthless

In her mind she is unwanted

But to everyone else

She is beautiful


Not the monster she thinks she is

They realize what she seems blind to

What they want to tell her

She is loved

Not hated

She is needed

Not useless

She is the strength

That they all lack






A Broken Hand Works, But Not A Broken Heart

You are not fragile

You do not have a heart of china

You have a V-8 2600 horsepower engine

Running inside Your chest

Your hands are covered in car oil

Bruises on Your forearms

From leaning over the hood too long

You know what’s wrong with that car

You just have to get to it

You once dropped a car jack on Your foot

It hurt

You cursed, feeling the toe bruised in places You didn’t’ know existed

But You kept working

You made dinner that night

You finished your youngest daughter’s Halloween costume that night

You smoked a pack and a half while doing it too


You are not fragile

You are not made of glass

But when he left

That engine


Like a timing belt had snapped

You looked yourself in the mirror

Those bruises on Your forearms

Your nicotine stained teeth

The tear tracks on your face

You saw Your children

Your four



And knew they needed better

You felt their pain

Pent up


Over 15 years

Your eldest was leaving to a friend’s soon

She saw You like this

She made You tea

Offered to stay because she didn’t want to leave You like this

You said go

Your mom was coming down to help

She lives two doors away


Twenty minutes

You said

Twenty minutes

And You’ll be fine

You just need twenty minutes

And Your engine will jump start


You are not fragile

You do not have a heart of glass

But that engine

Did not jump start for another two months

Little Green Duplex


When I was young

We lived in a little green duplex

With tile and carpet

And old Kung fu movies on the shelf

And cigarettes on the porch

And beer in the fridge

And more writing on the walls than a thousand and a half Babylons

My mother came home from the hospital with a baby

To that little green duplex

My mother came home from basic

To that little green duplex

My mother kicked my father out

Three times

In that little green duplex

I wonder if my parents cared

That we could hear everything

Through those paper thin walls

In that little green duplex

Every insult

Every straw man falicy

Every tear that fell from my mother’s face

I wonder if they cared

That our neighbors could hear everything

In the other half

Of that little green duplex